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I miss Italy. hope to return some day

MAY 2004 Well now we are headed back to Kings Bay this summer. It will be nice to be back in the South, where the sun shines more often than it doesn't. JAN 2003 Wow we had sun for a whole week last week. It was so nice. But now the rain clouds and fogs are back. We have added to the family since arriving here, we now have 1 salamander( found yesterday 1/14/03) 2 gerbils, and 2 white doves. My Christmas present was this huge cage for the doves , which arrived yesterday and we had tons of fun putting together. You can see it at the link titled RBC hexagonal cage below in the links section.

Year 2002 update

Aug 2002

Well now we are in Washington state. Some days the sun does shine. I really miss Italy, hopefully one day we will get to go back to visit or live there again, I don't know. But I really miss it.

14 jan 2002

Well we are on the six month countdown now. We will finally be leaving my favorite island after more than 4 years here this time, I will be so sad to leave this wonderful little island

We are in LaMaddalena , Italy. A small rock with lots of military types out in the Med. Its in between Corsica and Sardinia. So getting here is always a trip, so to speak.

LaMad is a small little village on this big rocky hill. And is definatley the old world lifestyle here. Stores are open from 8a-noon or 1p. Then most things close down til about 430p or 5, and then close about 8p. Of course in the summer things are open longer and later. YOu can go for a walk in the main piazza at midnight and see lots of people out for their evening walk, and shopping in the market that is there most of the summer.

Its very safe here , and quiet in the winter and spring. But once the nice weathere hits , so do the tourists. Any kind of water sport you can imagine you will find here. But even during the summer, the tourists take a break at mid-day. BY 1p the beachers are empty til about 3 or 4p. So when it gets really busy with tourists here, that is when we go.

ciao for now!

Edwina L. Ledel

Things to look at........

photos of Pisa and Sardinia:
windblown tees in Lamad:
more photos: the sunrise and more of Sardinia
and then some more photos:
RBC Hexagon Flight Cage :
NSA LaMaddalena:
Family Service center in LaMad:
Vista Mare Elementary School:
our Angelfire page:
LaMad photos on Angelfire:
more photos:
Trinita houses:
Command Sponsor Team:
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